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This paper analyses some conditions in which bad decisions are made systematically and proposes a model for the estimation of the duration of making systematically bad decisions.

Перевод контекст "make bad decisions." c английский на русский от Reverso Context: Jamie says I make bad decisions.

Why are bad strategic decisions made? The answers could shed light on how strategic blunders can be avoided.

These are the three racers from my section of Two Door Cinema Club's 'Bad Decisions' music video. A music video inspired by each of the rings of hell as told by Dante's Inferno...

bad decision cуществительное—. плохое решение сред. [...] применение скоринговых моделей в процессах принятия решений, отработка проблемной задолженности [...]

OVERVIEW This workshop aims to gather researchers in the area of sequential decision making to discuss recent findings and new challenges around the concept...

In order to understand the effects of bad decisions, it's important to first establish what we mean by bad decisions.

Good decision quality and bad outcome quality. b. or posted to a publicly accessible website. a predictive model. bad luck. c. bad luck. a descriptive model.

Bounded rationality is the idea that when individuals make decisions, their rationality is limited by the tractability of the decision problem, the cognitive limitations of their minds, and the time available to make the decision.

Looking back on "bad" strategic decisions is one means to find ways to reduce the chances of repeating someone else's mistake.

Models and terrain should cause bad decisions. Games are about decisions, games require interaction. Entertainment where you always win is called Television, Movies or Books.

Ariana Grande #Dangerous Woman — Bad Decisions (2016). Charlie Puth & Selena Gomez ft. Ariana Grande — We Don't Make Bad Decisions.

2007 purdue road school. Data driven decisions. Good Data + Bad Model Bad Decision. Bad Decision. 9.

Bad boy, you make me make bad decisions. Плохой мальчик, ты заставляешь меня принимать плохие решения!
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